Goldie & the New York Spray Can Artists 1989

This was a film directed by John O'Brien in 1989 about Graffitti (Spray Can) Artists from New York alongside the UK's Goldie (Clifford Joseph Price) pre gold teeth and the James Bond role. 



Timeless Live: The Heritage Orchestra at Royal Festival Hall

Timeless Live: The Heritage Orchestra at Royal Festival Hall

In June 2014, Goldie's seminal album Timeless was performed live by the Heritage Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall Goldie and the Heritage Orchestra have expanded and reworked the tracks for full orchestra, band, choir, electronics, and guest vocalists especially for Meltdown. The performance was conducted by Jules Buckley, and was the first time this seminal record has been performed with an orchestra. The Guardian named Timeless as one of the fifty most significant events in the history of dance music - it is a truly landmark album. Watch the album brought to life in the following clips - thanks to everyone who shared the experience! Credit: DJ Marky Timeless was brought to life by: Jules Buckley conductor Vanessa Haynes vocals Adam Betts drums/electronics John Calvert bass Matt Calvert guitar / synths Rob Gentry Keyboard / Synths Produced by Goldie, Chris Wheeler and South Bank Centre. Arrangements by Matt Calvert, Jules Buckley, Tom Trapp, Ben Cottrell and Simon Whiteside.

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