Goldie- Broken Man

Metalheadz Presents:

Goldie- Broken Man

Goldie- Broken Man [Halogenix Remix]

4th December 2015

After a lengthy hiatus the head of the tribe is back!

Goldie delivers Broken Man and it’s a sound you instantly realise has been lacking in this scene. A massive return from one of our most treasured innovators.

Broken Man

In typical Goldie fashion the track shuns convention to become more of a song based composition, its considered, introspective and honest. Drum machine drums make up the rhythm whilst gentle guitars come in and out of the mix, the aesthetic of the vocal is so strong and brave it couldn’t sit anywhere else but a Goldie track, hopeful and forlorn at the same time, the track reveals something new with every listen.

Broken Man (Halogenix Remix)

2015 has been a very very good year for Halogenix, his solo EP for Metalheadz is one of the years strongest release and alongside Ivy Lab he has pushed boundries to massive success but let’s get back to his Broken Man remix, he takes the gentle edge of the original and exchanges it for something slightly more sharp and dark. The track becomes a eyes down dancefloor track, perfect for those 3am moments, another great jewel in the young producers crown.

The release will be available on 12” vinyl with bespoke hand drawn artwork from Dan Lish and all digital formats

Goldie- Broken Man