Goldie presents ARTA- Get involved now!

ARTA was simply born out of an idea Henry Chalfant and myself (Goldie) had wanted to do for years. As soon as the technology became available to build an graffiti app that feature’s everything about this culture -  I jumped at the chance to do so, alongside Henry.

We need YOU now to be part of this grand vision for this cutting edge platform launch.

This summer event will be the meeting of two worlds, digital meets tangible - both in music and Graff.

Here is the link to find out more about ARTA and to see what LT rewards are up for grabs.

BIG UP to everyone that has pledged to support our campaign so far! You've all got some amazing rewards coming your way once we hit our target, we are at 8% so far and we need you all to support, share, nudge and poke  the money raised will help cover costs of artists who we will be flying over, location, paints etc 

Goldie presents ARTA- Get involved now!