The Martin Jones Archives - Part 4

Birdie and Goldie run past their ground breaking ‘Future World Machines’ mural which was produced live as a showcase work for the public, at ‘Night Writers’, the Supreme Graffiti Team’s first gallery show, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, August 1986. Photo: Martin Jones.

Goldie’s Future World Machines was undoubtedly the finest mural to come from the Supreme Graffiti Team’s first ever art gallery show. The show marked a significant departure because the work was sprayed onto boards and canvases for the first time rather than walls.

It was the result of months of experimentation in sketch books and on walls throughout Heathtown in Wolverhampton, where Goldie lived at the time. The half- man/ half-robot figure, glass bubble, vents and pipes were developed in close collaboration with Chris Harvey, who was the group’s illustrator/cartoonist. They drew much inspiration from the film Blade Runner, analysing the film on video, frame by frame.

The colours were specially developed by Goldie. We built a fruitful relationship with the manager of Nicholls, a car paint business in Walsall, who allowed Goldie into their workshops to supervise the custom mixing of colours to his own precise specifications. It enabled Goldie to produce just the right shades of red, pink and blue for the lettering, and the dull brown and grey for the panels. Another unique feature is how the panels change colour under the dome. Indeed the panelling became something of a trademark feature and was also used in ‘Global Destruction’, his entry for the Bridlington World Graffiti Competition in 1987.

Future World Machines was selected by Henry Chalfant to be one of those representing the UK, for his 1987 book ‘Spraycan Art’ about the best graffiti art around the world.

The Martin Jones Archives - Part 4