The Martin Jones Archives - Part 5

Goldie mural, in the foyer of Hawthorne House, Chervil Rise, Heathtown, 1986.

Goldie had a flat in Hawthorne House, a high rise block in Heathtown, Wolverhampton, where he went to live after leaving care at the age of 18.

It became the centre of operations for a vast campaign by Goldie and his night time crew ‘The Wild Criminals’ to cover the estate in over 70 graffiti pieces, in stairwells, underground car parks, on garage doors, walkways and walls. Whilst technically illegal, the murals received a lot of support from Heathtown residents who identified with the social messages they conveyed about crime, poverty, alienation and the broken society.

The council eventually recognised his talent by commissioning him to carry out a large commission on the approach walkway to Long Ley school, which was featured in Henry Chalfant’s book alongside his gallery mural ‘Future World Machines’.

Writers travelled to Heathtown from all over the country to see Goldie’s murals to the extent that they became an informal tourist attraction. Later he formed a ‘United Graffiti Federation’ for his fans, complete with membership cards.

The Martin Jones Archives - Part 5