The Martin Jones Archives - Part 9

Goldie sprays a West Midlands Travel double decker bus for Bass M&B’s new cocktail drink, Pink Lady, West Midlands Travel Walsall spray booth, 1989. Image - Martin Jones

The Pink Lady bus was one of several commercial commissions and trade shows I obtained for Goldie between 1987 and 1989. Others included Swatch Watches skateboard ramps and British Telecom.

The commission was offered by top London advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty. I think they intended to play on the irony of commissioning the hero of graffiti artists throughout the UK with an opportunity to cover an entire bus with graffiti – legally.

As I recall it was done over a weekend, because the spray booth was used for normal maintenance during the week. At the time Goldie was living in London so the agency put him up in a nearby hotel. It was one of two murals to promote Bass M&B’s new cocktail drink Pink Lady: the other was a live mural on a hoarding in Soho Road Handsworth, which was photographed and printed up onto large sheets for poster sites up and down the route of Handsworth carnival.

I was told by the agency that the bus did run, but it proved to be a magnet for fans who travelled from all parts of the country just to ride on Goldie’s bus. Eventually drivers refused to take the bus out because of the massive attention it attracted and it was withdrawn from service.

The Martin Jones Archives - Part 9