The Master Cleanse

Its that time of the year again, time for Goldie to undertake his Master Cleanse! "Master Cleanse?" you ask? Us too! So, we got the info from the man himself:

It consists of spending 10 days fasting & drinking a tonic of just 4 ingredients - water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Although you can drink as many of these as you like each day, you're not allowed anything else. Every 3 days, you have to drink a pint of a solution made from hot water & sea salt. This is clearly not a diet for the weak-willed, people who feel the need for a bit of cake with their mid-morning cuppa need not apply!

Just like the science behind each tune that Metalheadz puts out, the point of the Master Cleanse is that each ingredient has its own special purpose:
Lemon Juice - helps your body detoxify
Maple Syrup - provides you with energy
Cayenne Pepper - boosts your metabolism

If your feeling brave then you can find out more

Just Remember Eating is cheating (especially sausages)!

The Master Cleanse